Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Peeps!

It's Valentines Day once again peeps. Time to buy the flowers and the chocolates and tell your special someone how much they mean to you. But do you really need a specific day to do that? Shouldn't you be showing how much you care every day?

Maybe I'm cynical, or weird, but I don't need one day out of the year to tell the person I love, how much I care about him. My actions show him every day.

I digress.

It's Valentines peeps, its time for flowers, candy and love.  What does it really mean though? What are the origins of this Lovers holiday?

According to history there were three Christian martyrs who's names were Valentine. These martyrs were murdered and then their remains were buried at different roman churches. I don't see a love connection there peeps. I could be wrong though. LOL!

In 1969 Pope Paul the VI had Valentines Day deleted from the Roman calendar but the people were allowed to celebrate the holiday. Are you confused yet? I am.

The more popular legend of Valentines also comes from the Romans. It would seem Emperor Claudius the II needed an army of  men who were single to go into battle for him. Therefore he deemed no man could marry or fall in love. Men who fell in love and married according to Claudius the II were considered poor soldiers and too weak to preform their duties.

Valentine, a priest, didn't like the idea of the men forgoing marriage just to appease the Emperor. So he secretly married the men in tiny ceremonies. When the Emperor found out he ordered the priest executed. On the night of the execution, the priest sent out his own valentine. According to legend the card was sent to the jailer's daughter, whom he dubbed his beloved. The card was simple and to the point. From your Valentine. Sweet and to the point, wouldn't you say? I think so.

With one legend we started the tradition of sending out Valentine cards, notes and poems about our love for our partners. Then it grew to chocolates and flowers. Now a new study states women will spend on average about sixty dollars on their significant other, while their male counterpart will spend about one hundred and sixty eight dollars on their partner. The difference is a whopping hundred and eight dollar difference. Why?

To me a hand written note is better than a present, but I'm not like everyone else. Chocolate gets eaten, flowers die. Words last forever. So this year I am writing my partner a nice note with a home made card. I think it will mean more than the bottle of cologne Wal-mart claims will brighten my man's day. I think my words will do the trick.

Contest time peeps

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Until later peeps!!



  1. Helly Ashley, just stopping in to say hi. I never see you online anymore. Love this blog...I am planning to do say Happy Valentines Day at least 10 times this year just because. Love the new look of the blog! Happy Belated Valentines Day