Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Release

That's right peeps I have a new release out; Once Bitten!

Check it out!

**Contains graphic sexual content and graphic language.**
**Rated X**

Chapter One

From the hilltops of AilĂ­n, Flora watched the mist churn. Her fountain of knowledge was angry and desperate for her to pay attention. The swirl of mist became violent, lashing out with its wispy visions pulling her in. “Okay, okay,” she said, exasperated. “You're like dealing with a petulant child.” She crossed over to the small court yard and sat on the lip of the fountain. Small fingers of mist caressed her skin, wrapping her in its warmth as if to say it was sorry. Flora chuckled softly settling in. “All is forgiven, now, what has you so upset?”

The mist grew and pulsed with power as it engulfed her. Each time the universal balance was out of whack, the mist grew agitated. A tree could fall in the middle of the forest and it would wake her. It was like dealing with a tattle-tail. Flora felt herself begin to float and then the mist cleared. She was standing in the middle of club. The hollers of man screaming out in pain filled her senses.

Racing through the dank club, she stopped short. A man stood shackled to a cross, his body damp with perspiration. Knowing she couldn‟t be seen, she stepped into the room. His back was covered in lash marks. Some swelled while blood flowed freely from others. Miraculously, they began to heal. Vampire, she thought. What have you done to deserve this? She looked around the room, trying to find the person responsible for torturing this man.

“Slave, what level are you at?” The lisp of a female‟s voice made Flora jump. There was no way a woman could inflict this pain.

“Green, Mistress.” The man she called slave responded.

From the shadows, the woman stepped forward. Her face was distorted as large red eyes dominated the other features of her face. When the woman smiled Flora shuddered. Her fangs were curled from the effects of bloodlust, and saliva flowed freely from her mouth. “Good, slave, now you will please me.” A rumble of pleasure filled the female‟s chest as she licked the drying blood from his back.

“Yes, Mistress.” He groaned, writhing against the bonds.

Flora was confused. What am I missing, mist? I see her bloodlust but if he is not willing to walk away, what can I do to help?

The mist picked her up again and deposited her in another part of the club. “You know it is against human law to bite people, Kira, yet you do it. I am going to Luka with this information.”

Hurrying down the hall, Flora watched as a balding man started for the door. The woman he called Kira was the same woman she‟d just seen in bloodlust. Before she could tell the man to watch out, Kira was on him. In an instant, he was dead. Her red eyes gleamed with excitement as her hand was buried in the man‟s chest cavity. Pulling back, his still beating heart sprayed blood across her face and chest. Like an eager babe for milk, she began flicking her tongue across her lips and the sides of her mouth.

Closing her eyes, Flora's stomach pitched and rolled with total disgust. When she finally opened them after listening to the sound of sucking and gummy munching of rending flesh, she caught Kira pulling the incisors from his mouth. It was the most disrespectful act one vampire could do to another.

Running from the room, she needed to get out of there. Dread threaded its way through her body, squeezing the life from her. She couldn‟t breathe. I have to get out of here! Her mind screamed as she tripped and fell. The mist this time was correct in bringing her here, but why wasn‟t it bringing her home?

Unseen hands helped her up. “Are you okay, Miss?”

She knew that voice. It was the vampire who‟d been chained up, “Yes, thank you. I‟ll be fine.” She took her hand from his and straightened her dress.

His hand came up to cup her chin. She told herself to move back, that he shouldn‟t be able to do this. She should be invisible to all around her, but she couldn‟t move. His hand touched her cheek, and electricity skittered across skin. She glanced around, looking for the translucent grey smoke of the mist but found none.

“What are you afraid of?” His question had her jerking away from him.

“You shouldn‟t see me,” she whispered.

“Would you please look at me?” His voice held a note of desperation.

Flora complied. Her gaze met his. A gasp of horror passed her lips.

His soul was tortured. The ghosts of his past plagued him as if it had just happened. Her heart broke at the things he'd endured. Kira was his Maker, and in being so, she forced him to do things no person should have too. His lips pulled back in a knowing smirk, revealing his fangs. She should have been afraid of the man standing before her, but she felt compassion and love. Come on Flora, you can’t love this beast. You’re food to him.
She took a step back. The mist was back. Its tendrils wrapped around the Celtic hawk medallion he wore. It was a silent plea only she would understand.

The pendent came from Kira, it was how she controlled him. I understand now. I know what I must do. The air was sucked from her lungs as she was pulled back through the veil to sit on the fountain lip.

Walking back into her chambers, she pulled out her jewelry box and found a hawk that would match the one she saw. She then walked down the hall to her sisters‟ chambers and opened the door. “Sisters, we have work to do.”

* * * * *
Two days later, Flora materialized inside the club. Familiar screams of agony greeted her, and her heart broke. She knew the man the screams came from—Luka. Sticking to the shadows, she moved toward the noise. She was counting on Kira to leave him bound on the cross like last time.

“Why don‟t you hang out for a while.” Kira chuckled, walking out of the room. “I‟ll be back soon. I‟m famished.” Flora watched as Kira dematerialized

Now was her chance. She had to hurry. Walking into the room, she winced when she saw the familiar welts and slash marks. She shivered mentally and touched his shoulder. “I‟m here to help, Luka,” she whispered afraid someone would hear her.

“Why would you think I need help?” He hissed never looking up at her.

“Who wouldn‟t need help while being attached to this contraption?” She kneeled in front of him, lifting his chin. “Are you sure this is the life you want?”

He snatched his chin out of her hand. “I know no other life. What was once can never be again.” The bitterness and disgust in his voice broke her heart.

“You can have it again, Luka. You just have to believe in yourself.” She sighed. Slipping the necklace from his neck she switched out the pendants. “You should know peace in your life. Let this pendant show you the way to peace.” Under her breath she mumbled, “and expose that horrid bitch, Kira, for what she is.”

“What is she?” His voice was velvety soft.

“A horribly mean, spiteful person.” Flora placed the necklace back around his neck. “Luka, I need you to look at me.” She had to wipe his memory of her ever being there.

His face turned toward hers. His hair was plastered to his forehead. His eyes were hollow, lifeless. His skin was pasty and ash colored. All she wanted to do was bring him home with her, but he wasn‟t a lost puppy. He was a vampire. Taking a deep breath she leaned into him, and whispered in his ear. The incantation was an old one. It would wipe his memory of her ever being there. Within seconds his body was completely limp, his eyes closed as if he slept.

Kissing his cheek, Flora dematerialized to her chambers and wept. In an instant she made a promise to watch over him. To keep him on the right path. Soon the pendant would begin to work, and soon he would need her more than he ever thought he could.

Chapter Two

There were reasons why the tiny shack was out in the middle of nowhere. One, vampires weren’t allowed to gather in groups, especially in the middle of Atlanta. Two, it wasn’t your normal dance club; it was a BDSM playground.

Luka walked through the door and smelled the stench of sex and stale alcohol. The sounds of woman and men screaming in release had his cock pressing against the front of his leathers. This was his life. This was where he belonged.

Making his way through the club, he thought about his past and how different his life had become. Luka was the Laird of his land in Elgin and a tempting morsel to all the bonny women. It was on one of his many trips to court he came upon a woman thrown from her horse. Her clothes were tattered and torn. She had a nasty gash on her head and he feared the worse.

Placing her astride his horse, Luka made a run for the village proper. He knew all of the healers on his lands and knew it was her only chance at survival. Reigning in, his horse skidded to a halt and the woman moaned. Luka reached around her waist to hoist her off when he felt a sharp burning pain in his arm. The burn became a searing pain that rushed to his heart and then his brain. He screamed in agony. Luka’s brain felt like it were melting into a puddle of ooze.

“Evil wench, what have you done to me?” He groaned between clenched teeth.

“Master Luka, Mistress Kira is looking for you,” Fawn said and bowed of her head.

Luka snapped back into the present with Fawn’s whispered words. “Thank you, Fawn. I will make sure your Dom knows how well you follow instructions. I foresee a reward in your future.” He watched as the girl squirmed just a little, and he smiled.

“Thank you Master Luka. May I be excused?”

“Yes you may,” he said as she scurried back over to her Master, Ian.

Ian was a gentle Dom. Luka watched as he tapped her ass with his open palm. They complimented each other very well. He wondered how long it would take before she wore his Celtic collar.

The door to Kira’s office was open. Before stepping over the threshold he kneeled like a proper sub and waited. He could see the stiletto heal of her leather boot peeking out from under her desk. A soft moan passed his lips just thinking about her boot being pressed against his skin. The bite of pain combined with the sting of her whip sent him into sub-space every time. Never once did she cause him to bleed, but many times he came from the pressure she applied. His shaft, which was already hard from walking into the club, grew painfully thick. He would do whatever she asked of him at that moment just for his release.

“Slave, this is not the time for formality. Please enter my office.” Kira didn’t turn the chair toward the door. She faced the window. It made him wonder what had happened in the club since he had left early that morning.

Entering the room, he sat in one of the two chairs she had positioned across from her. There was a small tremor to her hand, and he sighed. She would never knowingly show her anger unless it was something so despicable she couldn’t help it.

After she’d changed him, Mistress Kira claimed him as her slave. His whole life had spiraled out of control. His natural instinct had been to grab her whip and use it against her ass, but she was his maker. The compulsion to do her biding always bounced off the corners of his mind.

“Mistress what has you so upset?” he asked in a soothing voice.

“There is a rogue vampire in my club. He is killing his subs, and pretty soon the police will come looking for them. I need to find him and kill him. He obviously doesn’t know the rules, or he wouldn’t have tried this shit in my club.” There had only ever been one other rogue in the club, and Kira had killed him with her bare hands. The murderer’s incisors hung above her desk in a glass box as a reminder. Do not cross her.

“Do you know who the girl was? Maybe if we check the log from last night we will be able to find him and take him out before he can do it again,” he said. Leaning forward, he tried to catch her gaze.
Even though they were talking about a killer, he still needed her touch. He needed to feel her skin as she rode him to climax. He wanted her to punish him for being so bold in her presence.

Kira turned toward him, her eyes red with fury, her fangs elongated. He groaned as he licked his lips and felt his own incisors grow. The Dom in him wanted to rip the clothes from her body, bind her hands, and fuck her pussy until they both couldn’t walk.

He allowed his thoughts to brush against her psyche. A sensual growl passed her pouty lips as he filtered her images of them tangled together in bed. His cock twitched. Something needed to give, and if she wouldn’t take control of the situation he would. “Mistress,” he rasped.

Kira stood before him. A leather corset covered her ample breasts. His eyes followed the shape of her body, stopping at the thin garter resting on her hips. Her pussy was covered in a glossy sheen of her own cream. Luka bit back a groan and swallowed roughly. Pushing away from the chair, he had her breasts pressed against the wall in no time.

“Do it!” she hissed as he locked his mouth to her neck.

Kicking her legs apart, he held her in place with one hand while the other undid his pants releasing his straining length. In one swift movement he sheathed himself in her warm wet pussy. He moaned as she clenched his shaft and laughed. It took all of his strength not to come from just being in her. Slowly he retreated and entered her again. The movement caused the walls of her vagina to quiver. She cried out as he slammed his cock into her over and over. He wanted to make her come. Fuck, he wanted to come. Holding Kira against him, he turned her toward the desk, bending her over it. She moaned and sighed with every slapped of his sac against her clit. This wasn’t about being sensual or tender—this was about fucking the frustration out of her.

“Take! It! All!” he roared as his pace increased.

Kira screamed as the walls of her pussy rippled and coated him in her come. He thrashed above her as his hands clamped down on her hips and he pushed himself into her. He heard her soft sighs and he felt his sac tighten. He was going to come, and he welcomed it.

The feeling of his release sliding up his shaft had him moaning. He slowed his pace, welcoming his climax. Kira turned her head and smiled as she clamped down on him again…teasing him. He moaned as his seed shot into her core, filling her. Covering her body with his, Luka kissed her neck and breathed in her scent. Her anger had diminished, but the edge was still there.

“Is my Mistress relaxed now?”

She kissed his lips and nodded. “I guess the submissive’s death has affected me more than I thought it would.”