Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to the Insanity...

Yes come on in, take a seat and get to know me for a moment. I won't bite too hard, unless you want me too, then its on like Donkey Kong.

I was asked a while back what influences you, who influences you? You know I gave a vague opaque answer. Because I wasn't sure what they were looking for. Were they talking about me, the person, or me the author. You see I distinguish myselves, there is me the author and me the person. But put both halves together and you get this kick ass person.

I have hidden myself too long peeps. Why? I didn't want to be called a poser. So I enjoyed who I was in the safety of my house. My bedroom. So who influences me? Here is the run down peeps, sit back and enjoy.

The Sex Pistols, yes peeps, this author is old enough to have fallen madly in love with them. Mind you I was young, but the lyrics just hit me. Anarchy in the UK will always be my favorite. I would have to say its one of the first instant gratification songs, along with big 'ol fuck you to the government. The song makes you stand up and take notice. They made me realize I didn't have to conform to societies rules. I could be me and no one could tell me no.

My tastes got better as I got older. At 6 and a half (yes that 1/2 is important to a kid) my brother moved in with us and my whole musical awakening started. Sure I listened to Michael Jackson, Hall and Oats, but its not the same as hearing the hard licks of a guitar and knowing you just hit pay dirt. Michael, my bro said hey have you ever heard of Motley Crue? No I hadn't. I was curious. What did Motley Crue mean. What kind of music did they play? Would I like it? I mean I had the Sex Pistols...could they even compare?

I believe the first song I EVER heard come out of Vince Neil's mouth was Shout at the Devil. Holy hell I was hooked. I ran around the house for the next few days screaming SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!!! I think I drove my mom insane, but it called to me just like the Sex Pistols did. Not only that but even at that tender of age of 6 and a half  I was totally and utterly in love with Nikki Sixx.  I think from time to time I still crush on him. Their music was just the right sound to influence the punk/rocker in me it called to me. I wanted the leather, I needed the big hair, and as thick as mine is, it was HUGE peeps. Seriously. By day at school I was this mild manner kid but at night I was a mini rocker in disguise. While my brother played the air drums I played the air guitar and hit every rift right in time. I was a bad ass kid. Peeps should have been jealous, yo! But they didn't know who I was. This was all done in the privacy of my own home.

God love my mom, she put up with us, my brother and I for so many years even through the Ozzy years too and Metallica. I think I rocked out with these two more than anyone and they stuck with me the longest. I don't know today what it is about them. Hell I don't think it was looks, it was the music I believe. They had meaning, when everything else seemed blah.
All of these people whether in a group or on their own have given everything to their craft, their music. Why shouldn't I, right? I still didn't get it. I went through junior high and high school hiding who I was. I was still afraid of coming out and saying this is me. So fuck off. You'll either like me or you won't. It sounds so simple now at 32 years old but at 12 and 13 you're trying fit in. You don't want the stereotypes which were negative following you around. Or at least I didn't want them. I was too introverted still, I didn't have the skills to tell someone to kiss off, this is me.

I did get them though. I was in college and this man, Marilyn Manson hit the scene. With his bold lyrics and wicked awesome look, he woke me up. He made me see I could be me, I could be free. I could be that rock/goth (because time changed the names) adult. It was okay to like the music I loved as a kid again. He had this confidence about him I never ever had. But I got it. I still cared about what people thought of me, but not in the way I had before. Now I know who I am and all of these people showed me it was okay to be different.

So the point of this post? There is always a point right? Here it is. All of these people influence how I write. Yes I write because I want people to read it and enjoy the ride of each of my stories, but there is more. I write because its who I am. I write in different  genre's, its how you get yourself out there. But about six months ago I had that ut oh what have I done moment. I wrote an Erotic Suspense short and my family bought it. Mortification was my friend. Why? Because I worried again what my family would think of me. I had to remember this is who I am, love me or leave me. I had to get over the fact that family would pick up my books and read them. Damn it, this is for me, so I am going to write what I want. If it means raunchy kinky butt licking sex, I'm gonna be knee deep in it. I can't help who I am or what I like, its me. Take me as I am or leave me behind.

My name is Ashley Blade I create worlds were Erotic sex is okay, BDSM is natural and Action/Adventure is common place. My stories are never slow paced and always leave you guessing till the end. I enjoy my job as a story teller and I wouldn't change anything about me.

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  1. It's always hard to let the real us out, Ash. I don't think I've done it yet.

    I have a stepdaughter that my husband taught not to give a damn about what other people think, and she doesn't. That's them, but I can't be like that.